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Java u Café

The Group has expanded its activities and investments in the field of offering food-related services. Accordingly it purchased an international Canadian agency named Java u Café.

In fact, the rights of expansion related to this international agency in fifteen countries were acquired, and these countries are Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Turkey and Jordan.

Actually, its first branch was opened in Abdoun area in 2006, and in 2008 two branches were opened in Al-Ahliyya Amman University and in the Seventh Circle area. In 2013 this was followed.

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Zoka Cafe


Based on the strategy and vision of the group, and its desire to develop in the field of food services, it opened a restaurant named ZOKA in 2010 located in Abdoun, and another branch in the Queen Rania Road.

The Group does not only attach importance to possessing the trademark but also owns a central kitchen particular to it- a kitchen that is endowed with the latest equipment, and which produces all kinds of bread, delectable sweets, oriental and western dishes, and also caters for special occasions and parties.

Moreover, its bakeries produce and sell all kinds of bread and desserts to a number of international agencies.

The central kitchen, it may be mentioned, has obtained the ISO Certificate and the Safe Hygiene & Public Health System based HACCP Certificate, thanks partly to the excellent equipment of the kitchen.

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