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Danish Jordan Dairy Company (DJD)

Danish Jordan Dairy Company (DJD)

DJD has become one of the most prominent companies in the region, specializing in the processing of fresh dairy products through high quality, excellence and innovation. Being Present in the market since 1981, DJD made a tremendous contribution to the dairy Industry by constantly introducing various and new lines of products through the most modern technology and latest production facilities. The leadership, teamwork and commitment to high quality and customer service have greatly contributed to the company's success. Our products includes fresh pasteurized milk, Flavored milk, Yoghurt (Flavored and non-flavored), Cheese, & juices (Long life & Fresh). The Danish Jordan Dairy Co. has implemented a full-fledged modernization of its factory in order to meet the demands of the local market. As a result, the number of its products is now in excess of (60) products of diverse flavors and assorted packaging.

The Company utilizes only the finest raw materials. As a matter of fact all of our products are of fresh cow milk produced by the Company’s own farms in Al-Hallabat area which imported more than 1200 cows from Sweden and Australia, and two of the finest feeders in the world were built under the name of "DeLaval automatic calf feeder". Moreover, cows yard and growing herds were built for (3300 cattle heads) on an area of land of 300 square dunums. Eventually, the daily production levels reached 60 tons of raw milk. Moreover, there is a drinking water desalination plant in the Company project. This contributes to increasing production and providing excellent quality raw milk.

Also, the Company imports juice concentrates from leading European companies. All products are subject to laboratory monitoring and the application of high-level European technical know-how, to be a sign of confidence in the world of food production conforming to the highest quality.

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The Jordan Dairy Company Limited (Maha)

The Jordan Dairy Company Limited

Jordan Dairy Company Ltd. engages in the production and marketing of dairy products in Jordan. The company’s Industrial segment is involved in the production and sale of various dairy products, as well as plastic containers. It’s Cattle and Trees Farms segment engages in growing cows, livestock, and calves. The company was founded in 1968 and is based in Ruseifeh area - Zarqa governorate.

The company owns two Dairy factories which produce all kinds of pasteurized milk & dairies, Labaneh, yoghurts, white & yellow cheeses in addition to Jamid and Shanina catering to the local market through a fleet of modern vehicles and relies on a sales team that strives to meet the requirements of the consumers for fresh & hygienic dairy products.

The Company makes all its products within a modern industrial building that complies with the professional and EHS standards relating to food production, and which includes sophisticated automated packaging machinery that is dedicated to manufacturing food products which conforms to recognized specifications. The technical cadres are highly experienced and qualified. As for the second factory, it is specialized in producing plastic containers necessary for packaging daily products and their derivatives. In fact all the containers are produced from granular polystyrene (virgin) using highly efficient machinery that is of suitable productive capacities contributing to provide the dairies with its needs such as plastic containers, not to mention selling to a number of customers in the local market.

Given that most of the production of the Company relies on utilizing fresh milk, and also to guarantee the high quality of the Company products, the Company has established a subsidiary company (Al Maha for Agricultural Investment) which has established a cows' farm that is endowed with buildings and necessary equipment in terms of a modern automated feeder along with a herd of cows, around 2650 cows, both big and small of the Holstein Friesian strain, which is a strain that is characterized by high specifications in the production of raw milk. The mentioned subsidiary Company produces all the needs of the parent company insofar as raw milk and in compliance with international high standards.

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