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Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU)

Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU)

Since its founding as the first private university in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1989, Al Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) has been dedicated to expanding and developing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and keeping up-to-date with market needs and developments academically.

The university offers 29 Bachelor programs & 6 Masters Programs which are all accredited by the ministry of higher education. Adding to that AAU has been accorded institutional and programmatic accreditation as a member of international, regional and local associations such as International Association of Universities, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, Union of Arab Universities and Association of Arab Private Institutions of Higher Education.

Undergraduate students at AAU fulfill general education requirements, choose among a wide variety of elective courses, and pursue departmental concentrations and certificate programs. Students graduate with either the Bachelor of Arts (B.A) or the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE). Students may choose from among 26 academic concentrations in the Information Technology, (Architecture & Design), Engineering, (Pharmacy & Medical Sciences), (Arts & Sciences) and Business.

The Graduate School offers degrees spanning from Law, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Communications Engineering, Local Business Administration (MBA) & International Business Administration (MBA/Edinburgh).

Today, more than 250 faculty members instruct approximately 6,000 undergraduate & graduate students from all over the Arab World.

AAU has also adopted Information Technology as an essential ingredient in its activities through Hourani e-learning Center (HEC), and has incorporated it in its educational processes in all fields of specialization delivering first-class technology assisted education. A facility equipped with state of the art technologies to support advance education models and acts as the nucleus for delivering premium quality education to the its students.

AAU is more than an institution of education; our community members have a wide range of talents, interests, vocations, and needs, and the university is committed to providing the services and opportunities to keep them strong in mind, body and spirit.

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Arena Complex

Arena Complex

(The Arena) is a unique monument built on the university premises and serves the community in all the cultural sports and recreational fields by either participating or watching any sports, artistic or cultural events.

The Arena facilities include a Multi-Purpose Theater, which accommodates more than five thousand people and its area is four thousand square meters equipped with the most modern air-conditioning and central heating system. This theater includes a huge LED display screen and Movable Theater with at a distance control system, which endows it with extreme flexibility insofar as utilization according to need, such as: A sports multi-purpose playground; basketball, handball, volleyball, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, taekwondo and aerobics . A hall for national, international and conferences expos, and a hall for showing theatrical and musical exhibitions and festivals equipped with the latest equipment and lighting techniques, sound and television filming, and a hall to hold all kinds of competitions. Other cultural facilities are available too such as Lecture halls, Training Theater for performing and musical arts, and a Photography section, which includes a special laboratory for film processing and printing. Other recreations facilities overlooking the stunning verdant mountains of Balqa which enables you to relish a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

The complex also includes different Indoor restaurants and cafeterias distributed across all the internal facilities serving healthy and delectable meals, in addition to

- An Olympic size swimming pool, endowed with the most up to date sanitization and filtration equipment through the ozone method.
- A Bowling Center including six bowling lanes supplied with all the necessary equipment.
- Four courts for Squash endowed with special places for the spectators that can accommodate 167.
- Advanced equipment and physical fitness lessons under the supervision of specialized trainers with a Jacuzzi and cold bathtub in addition to sauna and steam rooms for relaxation and energizing the body using the most up to date methods of massage performed by specialists.

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Al Jami'a  Schools Group (JSG)

Al Jami'a Schools Group (JSG)

Founded in 1979 and licensed by the Jordan Ministry of Education; Al Jami'a Schools Group comprises of four branches in multiple Locations in Greater Amman Area. They span from kindergarten stage until the secondary education.

The vision of the school is to create a learning community that will transform lives by maximizing students' personal and academic achievements so that they can fulfil their potential and access the widest possible range of opportunities.

Our main focus started as teaching English language in view of its importance in developing the society with a combination of preparing programs to help the students and deepen their knowledge of basic subjects (Arabic, English and Mathematics), where follow up sheet is being updated to measure the extent of the progress of the students.

In addition, the school administration invests immensely in the training and excellence of teachers and professional services staff which will allow Al Jami'a Schools Group to approach the task of raising aspirations and achievement in an exciting and ground-breaking way throughout Jordan. The classrooms have been designed according to safety measures and specifications in addition supplements of the most up to date educational tools which are suitable for the inclinations and orientations of our students, not to mention our modern & spacious playgrounds which are equipped with artificial grass. All classrooms are equipped with smart boards for all stages with more advanced technology for higher academic stages, in addition to having the science laboratories and advanced computers we provide staff and students.

On the other hand the school keeps an open communication with students and parents to help in achieving the guidance goals through providing individual and group guidance services and implementing the guidance programs which seek to constructively modify the behavior of students.

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